Green House Planting Equipment & Fabrication Services

Zestha Green house is one of the renowned company in green house cleaning, assembly, manufacturing and offering structures, covering materials, including all types of accessories, whether controlling equipment, irrigation equipment, testing equipment and all kinds of materials required for green house planting.

Agro Products

Fresh GingerGet Quotation

Fresh Ginger

Dried GingerGet Quotation

Dried Ginger

Freeze Dried GingerGet Quotation

Freeze Dried Ginger

Cashew NutGet Quotation

Cashew Nut

Poly House

Net Poly HouseGet Quotation

Net Poly House

Hi-Tech Poly HouseGet Quotation

Hi-Tech Poly House

Poly Tunnel HouseGet Quotation

Poly Tunnel House

Hydroponic Green House

Hi-tech Polycarbonate Green House

Green House Films

Mulching FilmGet Quotation

Mulching Film

Poly FilmsGet Quotation

Poly Films

Film FixerGet Quotation

Film Fixer

Hobby Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Green House Nets

Agro Shade NetGet Quotation

Agro Shade Net

Auto Nursery ServicesGet Quotation

Auto Nursery Services

Green House Fans

Ventilation FanGet Quotation

Ventilation Fan

Air Circulation FanGet Quotation

Air Circulation Fan

Fan Pad SystemGet Quotation

Fan Pad System

Green House Wires

Green House Rolling Bench

Green House Equipments

Mist HumidifierGet Quotation

Mist Humidifier

Green House Accessories

GripperGet Quotation


Roll Up Machine

Roll Up MachineGet Quotation

Roll Up Machine

Roof Roll Up MachineGet Quotation

Roof Roll Up Machine

Metal Profiles

Aluminum ProfileGet Quotation

Aluminum Profile

Poly Film

Poly FilmGet Quotation

Poly Film

Tomato Planting Equipment

Tomato ClipGet Quotation

Tomato Clip

Tomato HangerGet Quotation

Tomato Hanger

Greenhouse Installation Equipment

Thermal ScreenGet Quotation

Thermal Screen

Greenhouse Maintenance Services

Greenhouse Nets for Shade

Soft Wall PotsGet Quotation

Soft Wall Pots

Poly Film for Green House

Hydroponic Technology NFT

commericial NFTGet Quotation

commericial NFT


Vertical Garden KitGet Quotation

Vertical Garden Kit

Dutch Bucket SystemGet Quotation

Dutch Bucket System

Root Spa KitGet Quotation

Root Spa Kit

agriculture equipment

Indoor Outdoor PlantGet Quotation

Indoor Outdoor Plant

Water SprinklerGet Quotation

Water Sprinkler

Organic InputsGet Quotation

Organic Inputs

Land ScapingGet Quotation

Land Scaping

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